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Bill Colone

Seasoned Healthcare Executive

William (Bill) Colone is currently the CEO at Spinal Singularity, a seed stage medical device development company in San Clemente, CA. Mr. Colone last served as the VP of R&D for Direct Flow Medical until its sudden closure in November of 2017. He has almost 36 years of medical device experience, including over ten years as President of Endomed, until its sale in February 2005. Mr. Colone has vast knowledge of ePTFE and endovascular prostheses and is recognized for his contributions to endoluminal technology and vascular surgery. Prior to Direct Flow Medical, he served as Director of Research and Development, and later Director of Aortic Procedure Development, for Endologix. Mr. Colone directed the development of the Nellix Endovascular Aneurysm Sealing System through design completion, CE trial completion, CE Mark approval, and OUS commercial launch. He also contributed to the procedure development and training for the US IDE investigation centers leading to the fastest enrolled IDE trial for an EVAR device. Mr. Colone holds 13 US patents for medical devices with others pending. He also served as Director of Operations for IMPRA, Inc. (now Bard Peripheral Vascular) prior to founding Endomed. Mr. Colone holds a bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University where he is a member of the ASU Advisory Committee for Chemical and Materials Engineering. Mr. Colone also served as an Associate Faculty Member at ASU from 2004 through 2007 and was a Founding Member and Board Member of the Arizona Technology Investor Forum.