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Dave Ferrera

Chief Technology Officer, Balt USA

David Ferrera is an engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and advisor with more than 25 years experience in the medical device field successfully developing products, founding companies, and managing them from concept through commercialization. He’s currently Chief Technology Officer of Balt which is dedicated to advancing therapies in hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. David co-founded Blockade Medical in 2011 and was their President and CEO. Blockade was acquired by Balt Extrusion of France in August 2016. Balt designs, manufactures and distributes 'Interventional Neuro Radiology’ (‘INR’) devices such as catheters, stents and coils that are essential in treating such conditions as hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. Prior to co-founding Blockade he was co-founder and Vice President of Product Development/Clinical Research/General Manager of MindFrame Inc., of Irvine, CA. Mr. Ferrera formed and managed the team that successfully developed the company’s first acute stroke mechanical thrombectomy product line. MindFrame was acquired by Covidien/ev3 Neurovascular (now Medtronic Neurovascular) in 2012. Previously, Mr. Ferrera was Director of Clinical Research/R&D at Microvention Inc., a subsidiary of Terumo Corporation (Japan). Microvention was acquired by Terumo in 2006. Prior to that, he was co-founder and Director of Technology Development at Micrus Endovascular, a subsidiary of J&J/Codman. Micrus Endovascular was acquired by J&J in 2010. Mr. Ferrera also held engineering and R&D positions with Boston Scientific in Watertown, MA and IMPRA, Inc., of Tempe, AZ, a subsidiary of Bard. Mr. Ferrera is on several boards; Treadstone (co-founder), Innervate Medical (co-founder), Vasometrics Medical (co-founder), Mehana Medical (co-founder), SAGE Orange County, Spinal Singularity and American Heart and Stroke Association – Orange County. He is the 2020 Chair for the Heart & Stroke Ball. Mr. Ferrera holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Plastics Engineering from University of Lowell. He is an alumnus of UMass Lowell Baseball. He also holds 75+ US and International patents for medical devices.