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September 2020

George Tolomiczenko

Director of Medical Innovations, UC Irvine School of Medicine

Dr. Tolomiczenko currently serves as Director of Medical Innovations at the UCI School of Medicine. His interdisciplinary experience as a clinician, researcher, professor and administrator jointly inform his inclusive approach toward fostering cultures of innovation and entrepreneurship conducive to stakeholders aiming to translate ideas into products that improve health and healthcare delivery. This role builds on a track record of linking engineering and medicine as well as other schools and departments at academic institutions with clinicians and staff at healthcare delivery settings for almost twenty years. He earned an undergraduate degree from Caltech, a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Boston University plus master’s degrees in Public Health from Harvard University and in Business Administration from the University of Toronto. At UCI, he is now focused on developing programs that will provide training in research entrepreneurship at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate and medical students, fellows and faculty. He has taught courses designed to form and train teams linking engineering and medicine to create innovative technologies, to accelerate the translation of research to address healthcare needs and to attract and grow the entrepreneurial zeal needed to boost impact and foster commercialization.