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October 2018

Kirby Dick

American Film Director

Kirby Dick is a two time Emmy-award winning and two-time Academy award-nominated
documentary film director. Kirby founded the Los Angeles-based company Chain Camera
Pictures that produces critically acclaimed documentaries for international theatrical and
television release. The film company, led by Kirby and Amy Ziering, produces groundbreaking,
investigative documentaries about contemporary social issues. His most recent film, The
Bleeding Edge(2015), is an investigative and wince-inducing examination of the $400 billion
medical device industry on the use of Medical Devices on and in patients. Additional popular
films by Kirby include: The Hunting Ground (2015), The Invisible War (2012), Twist of Faith
(2004), Outrage (2009), This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006), and Derrida (2002). Kirby is also the
2012 recipient of the Nestor Almendros Prize for Courage and Filmmaking and the 2013
Ridenhour Documentary Film Prize.