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Vijay Dhaka

Healthcare Executive, Mentor, and Investor

Vijay Dhaka is passionate about creating transformative medical devices that improve the lives of patients, and deliver value to providers. As a results-driven executive, entrepreneur, & bioengineer, he has spent more than two decades focused on identifying, designing, developing, protecting, licensing, and marketing innovative medical technologies. As Chief Business Officer of Swift Health Systems, Mr. Dhaka works closely with the executive team as a product champion, brand lead, and marketing strategist. Additional Mr. Dhaka supports fundraising efforts and strategic efforts company-wide. Previously Mr. Dhaka served as the Assistant Director of the Coulter Translational Partnership, a medical innovation investment program. He developed digital patient management programs at Apria Healthcare and served multiple pharma and medtech clients as an Associate at McKinsey & Co. Prior to receiving his MBA Mr. Dhaka held multiple lead R&D and product development roles at venture backed class II and III medical device companies, including VNUS Medical Technologies (IPO; acquired by Covidien/Medtronic), Adiana Inc. (acquired by Cytyc, currently Hologic), and Oratec Interventions (acquired by Smith+Nephew). He received his MBA in Strategy from MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in BioEngineering from the University of California, San Diego.