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MedTech Minds© Join us for the next powerful mastermind session of brainstorming, organized Q&A, and effective peer-to-peer mentoring. Register Now The #1 MedTech and Biotech Mastermind.

Slide Join us for the next powerful mastermind session of brainstorming, organized Q&A, and effective peer-to-peer mentoring. Register Now MedTech Minds© Learn how to navigate Medtech
and Biotech.
Looking to meet innovation leaders, movers, and shakers in the life sciences?
Working on a company or startup in medical device, biotech, or healthcare ?
Need perspective on how to navigate your business or carreer in medtech / biotech?

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Upcoming Events
MedTech Minds©  Mastermind | APRIL 2023

MedTech Minds© Mastermind | APRIL 2023

About the event

MedTech Minds is the must-attend event for professionals and entrepreneurs in the medical device, biotech, and healthcare industry. Hosted by MIX, this mastermind event will connect you with some of the leading innovators, thought leaders, and game changers in the life sciences sector. You’ll participate in high-powered peer-to-peer mentoring, brainstorming, and Q&A sessions, and get valuable insights on how to succeed in the medtech or biotech industry.

As a member of this mastermind group, you’ll benefit from the diverse strengths, wisdom, and experience of your peers, and be able to collaborate, support, and advise each other as you work towards success. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Sign up for MedTech Minds today!

This is a unique, interactive event – and as an added bonus, if you submit a question about the industry, your startup, or your career when you purchase your ticket, and your question is chosen as one of the 6 featured at the event, you’ll receive a full refund for your ticket and free admission!

Special guest & moderator

Interested to moderate, host, or partner on a MedTech Minds event? 

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5:00-5:45 – Meet and Mingle

5:45-6:30 – Introduction

6:30-7:00 – 1st Round of Mastermind

7:00-7:10 – Break and Mingle

7:10-7:35 – 2nd Round of Mastermind`

7:35-7:50 – Brag box or Startup Rapid Pitch

7:50-8:00 – Closing and mingling

Events Powered By

University Lab Partners

University Lab Partners is an independent, non-profit program of Beall Family Foundation. An open innovation platform enables bioscience & MedTech companies to access unique research capabilities and a network of technical, business, and talent resources at an economical cost. 

First Republic Bank

First Republic is at the forefront of serving healthcare and biotech professionals and their businesses. As you dedicate time to your business, you need a banking partner who can offer clear, balanced, and unbiased advice to help you make important financials decisions that affect your future. Its part of their commitment to providing the medical and biotech communities with extraordinary personal service- now and in the future.


Founded in 2002, Syprosoft Engineering provides consulting services to the medical devices industry. Our clients range from Fortune 500 size firms to entrepreneurs and innovators sometimes with single-digit number of employees. Clients are based literally around the world, and our experience includes diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical devices, touching nearly every part of the human body. Services cover product development, regulatory clearance/compliance, and manufacturing launch and support.


MedLance is here to revolutionize the way MedTech professionals connect and work together. As a company founded by MedTech experts, they understand the struggles of finding high-quality, on-demand resources and the importance of having the relevant information you need to build your dream team. That’s why MedLance is more than just a generic work marketplace – it’s a specialized and powerful tool designed specifically for the MedTech industry. We help product developers and freelancers fill critical talent and knowledge gaps so that the right people can find the right job, faster and for less.

OC Startup Council

The OC Startup Council is a community service dedicated to accelerating OC’s technology and life sciences startups. OCSC supports local entrepreneurs and investors to increase opportunities and deal flow for everyone in the Orange County startup ecosystem. Learn More at

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