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RQM+ Acquires Jordi Labs



RQM+, a provider of regulatory, quality, clinical and laboratory services for the MedTech industry, and Linden Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry, have acquired Jordi Labs. Jordi Labs provides chemical characterization and complex product deformulation as well as contaminant and failure investigations to MedTech manufacturers.

“As a MedTech service provider rooted in almost 40 years of regulatory strategy, RQM+ is proud to now offer proprietary testing services for extractables and leachables, which gives our customers the fastest path to regulatory approvals,” said Margaret Keegan, CEO of RQM+. “Jordi’s world-leading testing services will help us maintain our uncompromising quality standards at every stage as we grow into a one-stop-shop to expedite patient access to life-improving technologies.”

Jordi labs and its team of Ph.D. analytical chemists developed a proprietary, multi-detector approach to ensure that all extractables are accurately characterized to comply with global materials testing regulatory requirements.

“We are delighted to now be a part of the RQM+ solution that brings customers to market faster with our unmatched track record of rapid testing results that satisfy the stringent requirements of regulators globally,” said Mark Jordi, president of Jordi Labs. “Joining RQM+ will enable me to focus on what I love—developing groundbreaking technology that ensures patient safety by setting new standards for extractables and leachables testing.”

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